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Legally, my name is Alexis Dees. But to the confusion of some, I’m also called Madeline depending on my crowd. I’ll respond to either.

I’m the creative behind this blog, though I tend to write fiction books and perform at theme parks when I’m not running the Carousel.

Carousel of Chaos is, in the simplest terms, an amusement attractions and travel blog.

It’s the evolution of my Instagram account–a collection of curiosities, namely: theme parks, amusement parks, circuses, carnivals, sideshows, haunt attractions, defunct parks, abandoned parks, unique travel spots throughout the US, eclectic lifestyle bits, etc.

Thus, those are all what you’ll find around the Carousel of Chaos. And then some.

Small cottagecore town in the mid-west? Check. Hauntings in the World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park? Check and check again. Best eats along the East Coast? Check. Abandoned amusement park explorations… you get the point.

Take a look around and enjoy the ride!

Extra Oddities

I joined Earth on NYD in the Old North state before migrating to Virginia.

From a year old, I’ve been unofficially living at theme/amusement parks.

Since 3 years old, I’ve been an uncertified adrenaline junkie (having been tall enough to ride KD’s Scooby & Avalanche). My performing arts kick also started at this age.

At 8 was when I became a circus fanatic and then literally took the plunge (aerial arts, knife throwing, etc) ten years later.

Age 9 was when the haunt attraction mania began and since the age of 16, I tend to turn into different creatures of the night every fall.

And at age *present day*, I’ve adapted the mantra, “Reality is overrated.”

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