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Where did this begin? I don’t know.

There’s a lot of times where I start something with only a general idea/vague picture and see how it goes from there. And it’s always fun to see what that evolves into.

Case and point my Instagram was just something that happened because I had a surplus of pictures eating up my phone’s storage space. It began from just clearing storage space without having to delete photos and from there, it overall has become something more than I’d intended like a happy accident of sorts.

My storage space is constantly at odds with me now because I enjoy taking and editing pictures.

It serves well being able to look back on what’s basically a digital scrapbook for myself, family, friends, and others who are interested in the pictures either because they find them interesting or are laughing at the oddball things I post.

And at the end of the day, it’s turned into something I’m fond of. Because regardless of why someone’s following along with whatever pictures or stories I post, they’re distracted from some of life’s realities for a little bit of time. And I’ve met a many number of people through it who I love, make me smile, or are just as quirky as I. It’s a small world after all.

With this site in particular, I don’t really have a full-blown picture in my mind of what it’ll evolve into.

I have the same mentality with this as I did the Instagram. Here’s a dump of my various interests and whoever’s interested in following along with it, can follow along. It’s here, it’s a thing. And whatever it becomes, we’ll find out together. And maybe one day, this introduction will be a fun trinket to look back at.

So if I articulated any of that into some sort of coherency, that’s basically the gist of this. An extension of my IG with an odd assortment of stories, informative bits, places I’ve been, pictures, and related content with the intention of entertaining.

Kings Dominion Americana Ferris Wheel
Kings Dominion Americana


My mind wanders, for starters, and it races. Much like life, it’s pretty chaotic (for better or worse), unpredictable, and persistently ongoing. Ready or not, it’s launching forward from one thing to the next. No way of hitting pause. Truly just like my head.

A lot starts off as an initial concept idea, pretty basic and simple. Then that becomes complex, evolving in its meaning and its purpose. The sentiment behind it grows.

My fixation with amusement parks, circuses, carnivals, theater, fairytales, and the like began as the superficial “hey, this is neat.” They’re exciting and fun. Usually with the intentions of dazzling. That basic, simple surface level is where it started. A shiny, spectacular wonder of sorts nothing like usual day to day mundane. Something just simply fascinating.

Then that evolved to an escape from that day to day “normalcy.” Like finding a mute button instead of pause to real life, regardless to what life is at a given moment.

So even though life is fair and things are solid, here’s an extra something special to make your smile bigger. And if life’s gone to crap in a hand basket, here’s something that makes you forget about that and enjoy yourself even if it’s for a brief moment. Or anywhere in between, even, here’s this alternate reality to appreciate.

And I know others are in the same boat while some just like them for what they are. For me, it’s a combination of simple fascination and the reprieve. A wee glimmer of magic regardless of the rest of the world. A moment’s entertainment than can touch you wherever you’re at.

And so I pursue these interests. They’re not my entire life, but they’re a major part of it that have influenced me and shaped my life greatly. It’d be an entire novel to elaborate on that end, but I’ll digress and leave it at so…

At pursuing: visiting these little worlds, partaking in related activities (from learning how to throw knives to cracking open the Brothers Grimm next to a lit candle), recreational photography, miscellaneous writings, and tapping into them professionally.

All the while enjoying the break from traditional they provide and finding myself trying to find other ways of compiling this part of my life. Merely trying to assemble something of this component with no particular aim, just to see what it becomes.

And hope that while I’m at it, I can make you forget the real world for a spell with the carousel of chaos that this will be.

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