10 Fun Things on Virginia Beach Oceanfront: Unique & Uncharted

Hot off my recent post of the Best Things to Do in Virginia Beach, I’m getting a bit more granular.

Controversial words these may be, but let’s be real. Virginia Beach is nothing without its stunning Oceanfront. If it weren’t for the wonderful waves, the endless sand, and bustling Boardwalk enabling a history of tourism and accolades the world over, Virginia Beach wouldn’t exist.

At least, it wouldn’t exist as anything noteworthy. It’d just be another lost point on the map among the sea of many…

Nonetheless, we’re getting really specific with the top 10 fun things on Virginia Beach Oceanfront! Anchors away~

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Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Fish from the Virginia Beach Pier

All that water is teeming with fish, so why not try your luck and catch your very own trophy? Okay, so maybe not a trophy, but you can definitely catch dinner from the Virginia Beach Pier.

You don’t need a license to fish from this nearly hundred-year-old pier that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. You just need to pay the $10 entrance fee. No rods? No worries! Visit the Pier Tackle Shop for bait and fishing rod rentals ($8 each plus deposit) to get started.

Crabbing is also allowed, and often abundant depending on the day. Just like with fishing, you don’t need a license to go crabbing in Virginia Beach. However, egg carrying female crabs need to be thrown back and whatever you catch has to be over five inches long.

And if fishing isn’t your thing, you can always take in the views of the crowded and colorful beach from the end of the pier for the low price of $2.

See Every Monument in Virginia Beach

The famous Virginia Beach Boardwalk is littered with statues of every shape and size. Since the Boardwalk’s inception in the late 19th century, monuments to people, sea creatures, and mythical beings have sprouted up across the length of the 3 miles beach. Make a game out of it and see if you can spot every monument on the Oceanfront. You’ll find that it’s a fun activity for tourists to post on social media.

I’ll help you get started with a few of the more visible ones.

A towering Roman god rises from the sea and looks out over… the Virginia Beach Boardwalk at Laskin Road and Atlantic Avenue. The bronze statue of Neptune is the most popular one on the list, but see if you can also find the Navy SEAL Monument, the Norwegian Lady, and the John Wareing Monument. You could make a Bingo card out of this!

Get Some Real Speed with Rudee Rocket

Wanna go fast? Like, super-duper fast over the face of the deep blue ocean? Without going on a roller coaster? A $23 ticket will get you a seat on a 70-foot speed boat known as the Rudee Rocket!

This speed boat cruise has everything you want in a 60-minute trip along the Virginia Beach coastline. I’m talking exhilarating speeds, dolphin watching (at slower speeds), views of the Virginia Beach skyline, and ocean spray directly in your face.

Okay, so that last one might not be for everyone, but it beats sitting in traffic on the I-264!

Take to the Sky (Bar)

A super exclusive VIP-only type situation is now open to the public! If you’re a fan of great views, cocktails, and infinity pools, then take a trip to the top floor of the Virginia Beach Hilton for a great time at Sky Bar.

Starting in 2020, Sky Bar’s staff have kindly pulled back the curtain on a former members-only space and opened it up to regular folks and peasants like you and I. The rooftop bar has amazing views of the Oceanfront and, if you turn around, you can also catch a gorgeous Virginia sunset behind massive floor-to-ceiling windows.

Enjoy the sun with a drink in hand and be mindful of the dress code.

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Virginia Beach seaside sangrias

Grab an Oceanfront Drink and Some Shrimp at Catch 31

I know, I know, it’s another Hilton property bar. But I’m just the messenger sharing the best activities. The other locals and tourists pick which one they enjoy most, so take it up with them, haha.

You can find Catch 31 on the ground floor, just steps away from the Neptune Statue. The restaurant is the premiere spot for seafood on the sea!

There are two great things about spending time at Catch 31: the Oceanfront views and live music. The bar has a rotating collection of bands that play for bargoers on a nightly basis. So, sit back and relax on their open-air patio next to a roaring fire while the band plays and the drinks flow.

Surf the Atlantic Ocean

Surfing on the East Coast has never really lived up to the hype of the West Coast, but it’s foolish to assume you can’t have a fun time on a board in Virginia Beach. If you are a beginner or even a novice, surfing in Virginia Beach will be a great time. The waves aren’t as powerful and it will be easier for you to learn how to do it right!

Several surf schools have popped up on the Oceanfront in the past few years, so take the opportunity to learn how and catch some waves. Everybody’s doing it!

Sit on the Sand, Swim in the Ocean

No, it’s not too obvious to point out. Sometimes, a visit to the Oceanfront is as simple as enjoying the warm sand and salty water of the Atlantic. And something so simple as this can often get overlooked when the focus is on dolphin tours and Sky Bars.

There are several ways to enjoy the beach. You can either bring your own towels and chairs or consider renting some right on the beach. The benefit of renting is that you don’t need to overpack and drag everything along with you or pack it up when you are done.

There are a number of companies that will rent umbrellas on Virginia Beach that cost $10-$15 for the day. Luxury loungers or even cabanas are also available for anywhere from $30-$75. A day at the beach is as luxurious or simple as you want it to be. But don’t forget why you’re there: the sand, the surf, and good times with your people!

Pay a visit to the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum

It wouldn’t be Virginia Beach Oceanfront if we overlooked some of the eccentric attractions, such as the Wildfowl Heritage Museum. And truly, you never know.

One day, you will be participating in a trivia competition, and the final question before you’re awarded the big prize will inevitably be: unlike the black-bellied whistling duck, which whistling duck rarely perches in trees?

At that point, you will have wished that you visited the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum. The museum is located in De Witt Cottage, a late 19th-century structure along the Oceanfront that is very well preserved. At the museum, you can learn about all kinds of regional wildfowl and contribute to the preservation of their habitats.

Admission to the museum is completely free, but a suggested donation amount of $2 per person is appreciated.

Oh, the answer, by the way, is the fulvous whistling duck.

A Quick Trip to the Virginia Beach Amusement Park

Virginia is known for its two massive amusement parks, but Virginia Beach has its very own little park right on the Oceanfront!

Atlantic Fun Park is a great time for families with small children. The park is full of thrill rides, kiddie rides, midway attractions, and much more!

Photographers and Instagrammographers (is that a thing?) will have a fantastic time here, too. The night-time scenes of the amusement park are perfect for some long exposure photography for your scrapbook.

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Virginia Beach Oceanfront bike rentals

Take to the Boardwalk on Two Wheels

The 28-foot wide Virginia Beach Boardwalk is also home to a parallel and separated bike path! The bike path stretches the entire 3-mile length of the Boardwalk and connects to further trails at either end.

Best yet, you don’t need to bring your own bike–courtesy of the rental shops on the Oceanfront. Cherie’s Bike Rentals will loan you a basic bike for $9 per hour or $35 for the whole day.

And, if a basic bike is too boring for you, there are quadricycles for rent as well. These are the four person bicycle carts that are just as iconic on the Boardwalk as Neptune’s statue.

Just make sure you ask for a helmet and mind the pedestrians. Otherwise, let’s ride!


There is an abundance of thing to do in Virginia Beach at the Oceanfront!

If you’re looking for more, check out this Virginia Beach attractions guide, the best beaches in Hampton VA, and 25 ways to celebrate turning 25 in Virginia to suit your fancy. There are a few other attractions and activities you can find on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront or in Virginia in general in those posts as well.

The lovely Medina, Ohio and Williamsburg, Virginia are the next travel guides (that are now posted). So, check them out as well!

Thanks for reading!

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