20 Best Williamsburg VA Things To Do In December (2023)

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Williamsburg VA Things To Do In December
Colonial Williamsburg in December

As the crisp air of December descends upon the historic streets of Williamsburg Virginia, this charming town, renowned for its rich colonial heritage, embraces the festive season with an air of warmth and coziness that is hard to find elsewhere. Williamsburg in December is a lovely blend of traditional charm and joyful holiday spirit.

In my many visits to this quaint town, I’ve found a special kind of magic in its December ambiance. The usually busy streets take on a quieter, more relaxed pace, allowing for leisurely explorations of the town’s historic nooks and crannies.

The holiday season here is not just a time for celebration but an invitation to step back into a bygone era. The blend of colonial architecture with twinkling Christmas lights creates a picturesque scene straight out of a storybook. 

But what are the best ways to enjoy Williamsburg in December? Carriage rides, theme parks, ice skating, indoor waterparks, holiday shopping, and more detailed below!

Let’s take a look at the 20 best Williamsburg VA things to do in December.

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Top 20 Williamsburg VA Things To Do In December

Best Williamsburg VA Things To Do In December, Best Williamsburg VA Things To Do In December For Adults
Colonial Williamsburg’s Governor’s Palace

1. Colonial Williamsburg

Step back in time and explore the nation’s largest living history museum. December brings a special charm to Colonial Williamsburg with its historical buildings adorned in festive décor and streets alive with the spirit of an 18th century Christmas.

Colonial Williamsburg Tickets

If you’re looking to experience the most of Colonial Williamsburg during your visit, you can book your Historic Triangle ticket for a lowest price guarantee. It includes access to Colonial Williamsburg, Historic Jamestowne, the Jamestown Settlement, Yorktown’s American Revolution Museum, and Yorktown Battlefield.

2. Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Immerse yourself in the festive spectacle of Christmas Town at Busch Gardens. With its dazzling light displays, holiday shows, and seasonal attractions, it’s a must visit for a blend of thrill and cheer.

You can get a discount on your Busch Gardens tickets through the link provided. These tickets are good for 1 year from your date of purchase and can be fully refunded with free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance of your trip.

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3. Father Christmas

Nestled in the front of Christmas Town, meet the traditional version of Santa Claus, Father Christmas, in a setting that harks back to old-world holiday celebrations.

4. Santa’s Workshop

A magical experience for children and adults alike, Santa’s Workshop lets you see where all the Christmas magic happens, complete with elves and holiday cheer.

5. Christmas Town Express

Board the Christmas Town Express for a picturesque train journey around the park, complete with holiday music and stunning light displays.

6. Musical Performances

Enjoy a variety of live performances with shows like Scrooge No More, Twas That Night, and Gloria, bringing the best of holiday music and theatrical performances to life.

7. Governor’s Palace

Visit the Governor’s Palace to see how colonial gentry celebrated the Christmas season. The palace is beautifully decorated, reflecting the holiday traditions of the time.

8. American Revolution Museum

Explore the American Revolution Museum for a deep dive into the nation’s past, with special holiday exhibits and educational experiences.

9. Ice Skating at Liberty Ice Pavilion

Enjoy the winter wonderland season by gliding on ice at the Liberty Ice Pavilion, a perfect family activity amidst the colonial backdrop and market square.

Colonial Williamsburg In December, Williamsburg VA December Weather
Busch Gardens Williamsburg Christmas Town

Holiday Shopping

10. Williamsburg Premium Outlets

Find the perfect holiday gifts at the Williamsburg Premium Outlets, offering a variety of shops and festive deals.

11. Christmas Market

Explore the Williamsburg Christmas Market, bustling with unique crafts, holiday treats, and live music that’ll make for a great time for the whole family.

12. Carriage Ride

Take a romantic or family-friendly carriage ride through the historic streets, a perfect way to enjoy the festive lights and decorations.

13. Jamestown Settlement

Visit Jamestown Settlement to learn about America’s first permanent English colony, with special holiday programming throughout December.

14. Duke of Gloucester Street

Stroll down the historic Duke of Gloucester Street, adorned with festive decorations and bustling with holiday activities. This main street is the perfect place to experience quintessential Colonial Williamsburg Christmas with the holiday decorations adorning the historic buildings and Christmas trees throughout Merchants Square.

15. Christmas Lights Sightseeing

Experience the beauty of Williamsburg during the holidays by touring the area’s best Christmas light displays, showcasing the town’s colonial Christmas decorations and charm.

16. Christmas Carols

Catch a performance of “A Christmas Carol” by the Williamsburg Players, running from December 7 to December 17, 2023, for a classic holiday experience.

17. Great Wolf Lodge

Escape to Great Wolf Lodge for a warm indoor waterpark adventure, perfect for family fun in a cozy, rustic-themed environment.

18. Historic Taverns

Warm up in one of Williamsburg’s historic taverns like King’s Arms Tavern, Christina Campbell’s Tavern, or Raleigh Tavern, each offering a unique colonial dining experience and festive food.

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19. Guided Tour

The Guided Colonial Christmas Tour is a 90-minute excursion into Williamsburg holiday traditions from the past through the present day. You can book the Guided Colonial Christmas Tour now with a lowest price guarantee and pay anytime up to 48 hours in advance. This includes free cancellation for a full refund up to 24 hours in advance.

20. Capitol Building

Don’t miss a visit to the historic Capitol Building, especially picturesque during the holiday season with its traditional colonial decorations.

christmas in williamsburg, Things To Do In Williamsburg In Winter
Colonial Williamsburg in December

FAQs About Things To Do In Williamsburg In Winter

Is Williamsburg VA Open in December?

Yes, Williamsburg VA, is not only open in December but also offers a special holiday experience. Many attractions–including Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, and local shops–operate with a festive flair, providing unique seasonal activities and events.

What Does Colonial Williamsburg Do for Christmas?

Colonial Williamsburg celebrates Christmas with traditional decorations, historical reenactments, and special holiday-themed tours. The area is adorned with natural wreaths, and the streets echo with colonial-era music, creating an immersive 18th century Christmas atmosphere.

How Many Days Should You Spend in Williamsburg VA?

To fully enjoy the array of activities and historical sites, a stay of at least two to four days is recommended. This allows ample time to explore Colonial Williamsburg, enjoy the festive events at Busch Gardens, and partake in other seasonal activities.

Can You Walk Around Colonial Williamsburg Without Paying?

Yes, you can walk around the streets of Colonial Williamsburg without a ticket and enjoy the historic ambiance and exterior architecture. However, entrance to specific buildings and participation in certain activities require a purchased ticket.

What is Williamsburg VA Weather in December Like?

December in Williamsburg is typically cold with temperatures ranging from the low 30s to the low 50s Fahrenheit. It’s a cozy winter setting, sometimes accompanied by light snow, making it ideal for enjoying indoor and outdoor holiday activities.

Free Williamsburg VA Things To Do In December, Colonial Williamsburg VA Things To Do In December
Winter In Williamsburg VA


As we wrap up our journey of the best Williamsburg VA things to do in December, it’s evident that this historic town offers a special mix of traditional charm and holiday cheer.

Whether you’re exploring the living history at Colonial Williamsburg, enjoying the magic of Busch Gardens Christmas Town, or simply basking in the cozy ambiance of the historic taverns–Williamsburg in December is a great place for the entire family to enjoy the merriest time of year.

So, whether you’re planning a family holiday, a day trip with friends, or a solo adventure, Williamsburg is a gem to experience in December. 

Happy holidays!

What are your favorite things to do in Williamsburg in December?

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