5 Of The Best Theme Park YouTube Channels

There’s a fair share of theme park and roller coaster YouTube channels, from deep dives on the downfall of defunct attractions to explorations of dark rides that never came to be.

They’re a great way to bide time until your trip, with many sporting POVs (on ride videos) of roller coasters or trip planning details to maximize your experience.

Today, I wanted to touch on some of the best theme park YouTube channels to check out for both connoisseurs and the curious alike.

The best theme park YouTube channels are: Defunctland, Bright Sun Films, Expedition Theme Park, Yesterworld Entertainment, and Martins Vids Dot Net.

These 5 stay at the top of my subscription list and on my TV screen. All of them have plenty of content for you to binge watch when you have some free time. So, grab a snack and a remote!

Here’s why you’ll want to subscribe to these five…

Best Theme Park YouTube Channels

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Defunctland’s Coney Island Episode


A lot of folk both within and outside the theme park community are increasingly familiar with Defunctland, rightfully so and for good reason. Defunctland, created by the documentarian Kevin Perjurer, is an in-depth series on amusement attractions worldwide.

A large focus of the documentaries are aptly based on defunct attractions and entertainment experiences, with the most renowned one being the Disney’s Fastpass episode.

Other episodes (just to name a few) include:

If you’re not already subscribed to Defunctland, you’ll definitely want to!

Bright Sun Films

I really have to credit Bright Sun Films for introducing me to the masterpiece that is Horizons back in 2016. There are now two videos about the attraction (that you should watch) with the first in this link and the second being linked here.

Now what is Bright Sun Films? BSF is a channel centered around theme park attractions that have been abandoned or concepts that were cancelled before debut. It is spearheaded by Jake Williams, who has also directed the documentary Closed For Storm.

Some of the headlining videos include:

You can explore the full collection of videos and series on Bright Sun Films.

Expedition Theme Park

Created in 2017 by a theme park enthusiast, Sam, Expedition Theme Park is a YouTube channel that explores past, present, and future theme parks and attractions worldwide. It has covered many theme parks including Magic Kingdom, Efteling, Knott’s Berry Farm, Alton Towers, Kings Island, and more.

The channel’s most well-known video is that of the Action Park of the west, Lake Dolores.

Other great videos are:

Scope out your favorite park on Expedition Theme Park‘s channel!

Yesterworld Entertainment

A solely crowdfunded theme park YouTube documentary series, Yesterworld Entertainment focuses on amusement parks and attractions of yesteryear. It is hosted by Mark and also touches on attractions that were cancelled during various stages of development.

Of which, Yesterworld found some great photos of the elusive Rhine River Cruise Epcot’s Germany pavilion was meant to have. It would’ve been a beautiful attraction!

More of the best episodes you should check out are:

Head over to Yesterworld Entertainment for more episodes and full seasons.

Martins Vids Dot Net

The end all be all channel for Disney Parks enthusiasts, Martins Vids Dot Net has the most in depth documentaries on different WDW attractions and pavilions.

These videos are things of legend in the Disney community, as they include rare content like early music concepts for attractions and detailed blueprints of lost pavilions. A lot of Disney Parks history that would otherwise be lost if not collected and compiled as Martin has done.

Forget the snacks and make sure you have a full meal at the ready, because these documentaries all run over an hour long each. And, most of them span multiple docs per attraction (ie, The Land‘s is over 3.5 hours in 3 docs).

Stand out documentaries include:

If you love Disney Parks, definitely subscribe to Martins Vids Dot Net!

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Martins Vids’ Horizons Tribute

There are other great theme park YouTube channels on the web and in my subscription list, so I’ll likely do another list later on. In the meanwhile, binge the 5 above!

What are your favorite theme park YouTube channels?

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Thanks for reading!

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