Kings Dominion Rides Guide: All To Know Before You Go

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SUMMARY: This comprehensive KD guide offers detailed insights into the exhilarating experiences at Kings Dominion. From thrilling roller coasters, timeless family rides to kiddie adventures, the park serves up numerous options ensuring an incredible time for every age group.

Planning a visit to Kings Dominion?

You’ll have inevitably seen the towering Intimidator 305 or the mysterious hangar of Flight of Fear in media, but Kings Dominion is home to 22 other rides and attractions that aren’t roller coasters (as fun as those are).

​These include:

  • Thrilling rides that will give you an adrenaline rush.
  • Family-friendly rides where everyone can share the laughter and fun.
  • Lay-back attractions perfect for those who prefer a calmer experience.

A further more 16 kid rides also join that roster, with many of those being located in Planet Snoopy.

For the rest of our ride guide, we’ll be going through Candy Apple Grove, Jungle X-Pedition, Old Virginia, and International Street. (We’ll jump into Soak City water park attractions another day.)

​As a bonus, discount Kings Dominion tickets are available too in case you’re still in the market for them. Furthermore, I’ve created an in-depth guide on how to visit Kings Dominion on a budget too for more ways to save on your trip to the park.

With that squared away, let’s take a look at the rides at my beloved home park, Kings Dominion!

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kings dominion eiffel tower, kings dominion rides
Kings Dominion Eiffel Tower

Kings Dominion Rides

Thrill Rides

Let’s start with the theme park’s top, heart-racing attractions. 

Remember, these rides aren’t for the faint-hearted. But if you’ve got a fix for thrills, they are definitely the Kings Dominion first stops.


A true masterpiece of thrills, Delirium compels you to face your fears as you swing in a 240-degree arc, hanging out with nothing but the sky. Delirium is located in Kings Dominion’s Candy Apple Grove section.

Drop Tower

Guts or not, the Drop Tower will test your hold on reality as you plummet from heights of 272 feet, reaching speeds of 72 mph on your way down. The Drop Tower is located along the midway in Candy Apple Grove.


Set sail on Berserker, a Viking-inspired thrill ride that will make any adrenaline junkie cheer as it swings, spins, and delivers pure high-octane fun. Berserker is located at the front of the park in International Street.

WindSeeker Xtreme SkyFlyer

Feel the wind in your face as you ascend to 301 feet on WindSeeker Xtreme SkyFlyer, a ride that’s as breathtaking as it is exhilarating. Windseeker is located at the back of Candy Apple Grove near the RMC wooden roller coaster, Twisted Timbers.

kings dominion candy apple grove, kings dominion rides list
Kings Dominion Candy Apple Grove

Family Rides

At Kings Dominion, there is something for everyone–including those family members who prefer a mid-range experience between extreme thrills and kiddie rides. Here are some of the popular family-friendly rides and park classics that guarantee a a lot of fun for everyone in your group.


Perhaps, the beating heart of any traditional amusement park, the Carousel. This iconic ride at Kings Dominion has a fantastical atmosphere splattered with colorful lights and cheerful tunes.

The Carousel showcases splendidly crafted wooden horses, making it a downright charm for all riders, especially for families with children.

It exudes an old amusement park nostalgia while being a great place for those picture perfect family photos. The Carousel is located in Kings Dominion’s Candy Apple Grove.


Dodgem is a fun ride where you steer your car and bump into others, fostering playful competition among the family members and friends. The Dodgem bumper cars are located in the park’s midway, Candy Apple Grove.


The Americana gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire park from a height which is exciting yet not daunting, making it an ideal ride for the entire family. You can have some soothing downtime while soaking in the panoramic vistas from above at a maximum height of 110 feet.

The Americana Ferris wheel is located in Candy Apple Grove by the Carousel.

Blue Ridge Tollway

The Blue Ridge Tollway provides an enjoyable motoring experience where you can drive vintage car replicas on a guided pathway.

Perfect for children who want to mimic the adults, and adults who want a fun, carefree drive around the picturesque landscape (without I95 traffic). The Blue Ridge Tollway is located in Old Virginia.

Grand Prix Raceway

On the Grand Prix Raceway, you and your family can enjoy a mini-speed racing experience on brilliantly designed go-karts.

With safety provided in fun packaging, family members and friends can pit themselves against each other making it a genuine crowd pleaser. Grand Prix Raceway is located in Old Virginia.

kings dominion on a budget, kings dominion discount tickets, kings dominion parking, hotels near kings dominion, is kings dominion expensive
Kings Dominion Rides From Candy Apple Grove

Cool Down Attractions

Having tasted the extreme thrills and enjoyed the family-friendly rides at Kings Dominion, it’s time to delve into something more relaxing. Less about adrenaline, these attractions are equally important for punctuating your visit with moments of calm, beauty, and charm.

Whether you’re winding down after the roller coasters or just fancy something slower-paced, these cool down attractions are the ideal spots. 

Eiffel Tower

Standing tall in the heart of the park, the Eiffel Tower provides a wonderful opportunity to take a breather while enjoying a panoramic view of the park.

A gentle ascent in the tower’s elevator presents a peaceful journey with a rewarding view from the top that offers a visual sweep of all the other attractions in Kings Dominion. 

The Eiffel Tower is located at the end of International Street.

Shenandoah Lumber Company

The Shenandoah Lumber Company is Kings Dominion’s serene log flume. It glides gently through scenery reminiscent of an old school lumber mill.

Although it has a couple of small drops to make sure you haven’t dozed off, the overall ride is a calming dive into the rustic woods surrounding the park. It’s a perfect combination of nature’s tranquility and amusement attraction, giving you a respite from the bustling park energy.

The Shenandoah Lumber Company is located in Old Virginia.

White Water Canyon

The White Water Canyon is a river rapids ride which is less about speed and more about the unexpected turns of a meandering river.

Amidst the splashes and tight turns goes the circular raft, making it one of the best rides on a hot day. As the raft spins about, you get a low thrill adventure that’s appealing for all ages–a cool off option indeed!

​White Water Canyon is located in Kings Dominion’s Old Virginia section.

Wave Swinger

With its whimsical churning, Wave Swinger takes you on a spin with leisurely whirls. It gently swings and spins, providing a cool breeze and a great view of the park. The blend of mild thrill and sightseeing makes it especially popular during sunny days.

The Wave Swinger is located in Candy Apple Grove.

kings dominion ferris wheel, kings dominion rides ranked
Kings Dominion Americana Ferris Wheel

Kid Friendly Favorites

Kings Dominion didn’t forget their youngest visitors. In fact, they have a whole host of rides and attractions specifically designed for the younger crowd. Here’s a look at some of the kid-friendly favorites that are sure to bring out the glee in your little ones.


Your child can spin around in an overgrown spider’s web with Arachnidia. A classic scrambler, this flat ride takes riders through high-speed twists in a tangle of excitement.

​Arachnidia is located in the park’s Jungle X-Pedition section.

Bad Apple

A play on the classic scrambler ride, Bad Apple lets the children of all ages enjoy swirling action in the air with an apple themed twist.

Bad Apple is located in Candy Apple Grove.

Flying Ace

Flying Ace takes the kids on a mini aviation journey where they can control their airplane’s movements. Aviators will be thrilled with the feel of piloting their own aircraft.

Flying Ace is located on the threshold of Candy Apple Grove and Planet Snoopy.

Flying Eagle

Another airborne ride (albeit closer to the ground), the Flying Eagle, brings more flying fun for the kids. However, in this ride, they’re on autopilot, enjoying the sensation of flying with less control but no less fun.

Flying Eagle is located in Old Virginia.

Snoopy’s Rocket Express

Little space explorers can board Snoopy’s Rocket Express for a calm ride above the ground. Enjoy the Peanuts-themed design as you watch the kids command their own spaceships.

Snoopy’s Rocket Express is located in Planet Snoopy.

Boo Blasters On Boo Hill

Last but definitely not least, the Boo Blasters On Boo Hill is a dark ride with special effects where kids can aim and blast at friendly ghosts during the entire ride.

Formerly known as Scooby Doo & The Haunted Mansion, the humor, visual effects, and thrill of the game make the attraction an undeniable kids’ favorite.

Boo Blasters On Boo Hill is located on the outskirts of Planet Snoopy.

kings dominion dominator, kings dominion rides
Kings Dominion Dominator

Kings Dominion Discount Tickets

There are a couple of discount options, depending on the day you go to the park, that anyone can take advantage of.

$20 Off Discount Kings Dominion Tickets

Through Undercover Tourist, you can get $20 off of any day general admission tickets to Kings Dominion.

This includes tax, free shipping, no extra fees, and comes with a best price guarantee.

You’ll be able to head straight to the entry turnstile without having to stop by the ticket booth. Just pull up the ticket on your phone (or if you printed it) to get scanned in and enjoy the park!

$25 Off Kings Dominion Tickets Discount

For an extra discount, you can get $25 off of weekday admission (Monday-Thursday) with the same best price guarantee, free shipping, tax included, and no extra fees like the any day general admission.

You’ll also be able to skip the ticket lines and head straight to the turnstile with this discount too.

In addition to the extra discount, weekdays are slower days at the park. This means shorter lines (no Fast Lane needed) and crowds. So, you could be like me and binge ride Flight of Fear a thousand times.

kings dominion reptilian, kings dominion rides ranked
Kings Dominion Reptilian

Kings Dominion Rides FAQs

How many rides does Kings Dominion have?

Kings Dominion has 36 rides and attractions, not including the 12 roller coastersCounting both rides and roller coasters, Kings Dominion has 48 in total. Adding in its waterpark’s (Soak City) 14 attractions, the grand total amounts to 62.

What’s the scariest ride at Kings Dominion?

The scariest ride at Kings Dominion is either the Drop Tower or Xtreme SkyFlyer (as per general consensus). The Drop Tower’s intimidating stature and speed scares a lot of people away from riding it or even while riding it. While Xtreme SkyFlyer is akin to a bungee swing where you free fall at height before swinging from the cord.

What’s the longest ride at Kings Dominion?

White Water Canyon is the longest ride at Kings Dominion, followed by the Blue Ridge Tollway and Shenandoah Lumber Company.

When is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Kings Dominion depends on your preference. If you’re keen to avoid peak crowds, midweek visits during spring or fall are recommended. However, for those looking to experience special events and enjoy the park at its liveliest, summer weekends or holidays are ideal.

What is the best ride at Kings Dominion?

The “best” ride is subjective and depends on what you’re looking for. For adrenaline junkies, thrill rides like the Delirium and Drop Tower are highly recommended. If you’re visiting with family, rides like Carousel and Dodgem are popular. For a more relaxed experience, White Water Canyon or the Eiffel Tower provide a tranquil escape.

My favorite rides are Americana, the Carousel, and Blue Ridge Tollway. The most popular rides (as per their lines), tend to be Blue Ridge Tollway, Drop Tower, and White Water Canyon.

Do you have any insider tips?

When planning your visit, try to arrive early to beat the crowds. Start with the popular rides early in the day when lines are shortest. Food and beverages can be pricey, so consider meal plans or picnic lunches. And don’t forget to explore gems like the Blue Ridge Tollway for unique experiences!

What safety measures are in place at Kings Dominion?

Kings Dominion takes visitor safety seriously. They uphold all required safety standards and regularly maintain and check all attractions. There are also ample security staff, lifeguards, and first aid stations located throughout the park.

What food options are available at Kings Dominion?

Kings Dominion offers a wide range of food options. You’ll find everything from burgers, pizza, salads, wraps, and Asian cuisine to sweet treats like ice cream and funnel cakes. There are also plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available.

kings dominion tumbili, kings dominion rides list
Kings Dominion Tumbili

Bonus: Gold Mine For Kings Dominion Fans

Remember the Yogi Bear Cave? And, the aforementioned Volcano or even the Lost World?

So, I couldn’t conclude a Kings Dominion post without linking to these end-all be-all gems for KD diehards.

Kings Dominion (Images of Modern America): This book is a comprehensive history of Kings Dominion from the 70s through its 40th anniversary. There are scores of rare pictures ranging from concept art to construction shots, KECO era and the Paramount years. It highlights a lot of lesser-known tidbits about KD too. Maybe you know the Singing Mushrooms, but do you know Ruby the Carousel Horse?

You can preview a sample of the book to see for yourself how fascinating it is! It includes a foreword from the park’s original General Manager. Plus, it’s free if you have Kindle and is available in paperback too.

Theme Park Babylon: A blog by ex-Kings Dominion employee Dale Brumfield, it has a lot of posts containing behind the scenes stories, tales from the construction site, and oddball fun facts of different attractions. Trinkets like details on Flight of Fear’s ability to hit 6 Gs at 70+ mph and an account of the time a boulder fell into the White Water Canyon’s trough. This blog is a KD enthusiast’s dream!

Odds are, you’ll find a neat insider story about your favorite KD coaster on Dale’s blog. So, give it a scroll!

kings dominion flight of fear with lights on, kings dominion rides
Kings Dominion Flight Of Fear

Wrap Up

Wrapping up our journey through the thrills and wonders of Kings Dominion, we’ve discovered a park filled with a lot of rides–from top speed thrill rides to family favorite flat rides. 

Each section of the park offers unique experiences for folks of all preferences, like Delirium and Drop Tower in Candy Apple Grove for the adrenaline seekers or the Shenandoah Lumber Company and White Water Canyon in Old Virginia for family fun.

If you’re interested in what the best roller coasters are at the park, I’ve ranked all of Kings Dominion’s roller coasters as objectively as possible. Their coaster collection includes classic wooden coasters, indoor launch coasters, and the longest floorless roller coaster (thanks, Geauga Lake) amongst others. So, be sure to check out the rankings!

Also, grab your discounted Kings Dominion tickets if you haven’t already!

As evident above, Kings Dominion is one of the best amusement parks in the country. So, you’ll be in for a great time!

Just be sure to ride Flight of Fear for me!

Which of the Kings Dominion rides are you favorite?

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Thanks for reading!

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