20 Top Cafés & Shops For The Best Coffee In Williamsburg VA

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We’re off to our latest quest in the historic area–finding the best coffee in Williamsburg VA.

If you’re new aboard the Carousel or our Williamsburg travel series, firstly, welcome! Secondly, you’ll find that I essentially unofficially live in the ‘burg (especially come fall) and so as such, I’ve been around the beat a few times (or a few hundred)

So, we’ll be checking out the hidden gems and local favorites in the Williamsburg coffee scene.

Just to name a few, some of the best coffee shops in Williamsburg VA are Column 15, Aromas Coffeehouse & Cafe, The Sipping Flea, Illy Caffe, Spoke & Art Provisions, Kingship Brewing, Culture Cafe, and more below. 

I’ve scoured this colonial city to bring you the crème de la crème of coffee shops, so you’ll find a range from European-style coffeehouses to bakeries and creperies with some fun brews. And trust me, these aren’t your average coffee joints, as Williamsburg is known for their eclectic variety. 

So, grab your favorite mug and let’s explore the best of the best coffee in Williamsburg!

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Best Coffee Shops In Williamsburg VA

aromas coffeehouse and cafe, best coffee in williamsburg va
Aromas Coffeehouse & Cafe In Colonial Williamsburg

1 – Aromas Coffeehouse & Cafe

Known for great coffee and tea, Aromas Coffeehouse & Cafe in Williamsburg VA is a true gem for coffee enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. Here’s why it stands out:

Coffee & Drink Offerings

Aromas Coffeehouse & Cafe offers a delightful variety of specialty coffee drinks, roasted on-site, and unique options like spiked coffees, loose leaf teas, wine, and beer. 

Among their notable beverages, the Java Chip Hot Chocolate stands out as a crowd pleaser with its creamy hot cocoa, melted java chips, half and half, and whipped cream. For those seeking a caffeine kick, the Dog Street Chill is a local favorite, combining a creamy blend of espresso, vanilla ice cream, your choice of flavored syrup, and whipped cream. Additionally, their Chai Latte, available in flavors like spiced vanilla, green tea, chocolate, and decaf spiced, caters to a wide range of tastes.

Menu Highlights

Who isn’t always ready to pair a good cup of Joe with good food? Be that a Belgian waffle or a croissant breakfast sandwich. 

The menu spans from healthy options for breakfast to hearty choices for lunch and dinner. Homemade soups, delicious sandwiches, fresh pastries, and fruit smoothies are just a few options you can enjoy alongside your favorite fresh brew.


The atmosphere here strikes the perfect balance between comfort and vibrancy. With great music, free WiFi, and cozy patio seating that’s pet-friendly, it’s an ideal spot whether you’re looking to get some work done, relax, or just enjoy a casual meal in a comfortable setting.


Nestled in the heart of Williamsburg, Aromas offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle. It’s located in Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchant Square, making it one of the best places where you can relax and enjoy the best of what the colonial coffee scene has to offer.

2 – The Coffeehouse

What other perfect spot for good coffee than a coffee house named The Coffeehouse? 

Offering quality coffees and teas, The Coffeehouse in Williamsburg VA is a beloved spot for both locals and visitors for the quintessential Williamsburg coffee shop experience it provides. 

Coffee & Drink Offerings

The Coffeehouse is particularly known for its in-house roasted beans, offering a fresh and authentic coffee experience. Customers rave about the quality and variety of the coffee available, highlighting the unique touch of having freshly roasted beans right in the store. This dedication to quality extends to their tea offerings as well.

Some of the customer favorites include their signature Winter Wonderland Latte, a seasonal specialty that captures the essence of winter in a cup. Their espresso is also a highlight, offering a rich and robust flavor profile.

Menu Highlights

While their coffee is a major draw, The Coffeehouse’s menu extends beyond just beverages. Patrons regularly commend their breakfast sandwiches, quiches, and scones.

The Coffeehouse also features other items like a bag of Tanzania Pea Berry, egg and cheese croissants, ham and beans soup, and cheese Danishes. 


The ambiance of The Coffeehouse is described as unique and inviting. It provides a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, and has a small patio with umbrellas to enjoy your cold brew at. It’s a delightful spot for a casual coffee break or lunch hour.


Located 2.7 miles from Colonial Williamsburg, The Coffeehouse is easily accessible and serves as a perfect stop for those exploring the area. Its placement within a shopping center adds to its convenience for visitors touring the local attractions.

3 – Illy Caffe

Illy Caffe in Williamsburg VA is a delightful European-style cafe that’s favored by locals. After all, how can you pass up on a great cup of coffee in one of the best cafes surrounded by the quaint charm of Williamsburg? The cafe boasts a variety of offerings, from excellent espressos to lovely London Fog teas–not to forget the great selection of bakery items too.

Coffee & Drink Offerings

One of the standout features of Illy Caffe, as per reviews, is its Salted Caramel Latte–a must try for any coffee enthusiast stopping by the local coffee shop. Illy’s also offers other delightful options like hot chocolate and teas. selection of pastries, both sweet and savory

Menu Highlights

Illy Caffe stands out as a great place to enjoy a good cup of coffee and great food at an affordable price. The cafe’s range of prices ($5 – $20) and its variety of American, Cafe, and Italian cuisines cater to a wide array of preferences, whether you’re there for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just drinks.

Customer favorites include gelato and an array of bakery items, like sweet and savory pastries.


As for the ambiance, Illy Caffe is a blend of cozy, modern, and chic. It’s a place where you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for those days when you just want to relax with a cup of coffee and people watch in Merchant Square. 

The cafe’s clean, immaculate interior is complemented by a well-appointed outdoor eating area, making it an ideal spot for a quick meet up with friends or a leisurely afternoon enjoying the Williamsburg vibe.


Located right in Merchant Square on Duke of Gloucester Street, Illy Caffe’s central location makes it a favorite for both visitors and locals who are out shopping or simply enjoying a walk around the area.

Column 15 Coffee’s Drink Flight

4 – Column 15 Coffee

Column 15 Coffee in Williamsburg VA is a must visit spot for coffee lovers and those seeking a quality coffee, unique drinks, and good food. Known for its nitro crèmes, espressos, specialty drink flavors, and Italian sodas, this cafe offers a diverse range of drinks that cater to various tastes. It’s wide selection of novelty drinks and food makes Column 15 my favorite coffee shop in the Williamsburg area. 

Coffee & Drink Offerings

At Column 15 Coffee, you can indulge in a variety of unique and popular beverages. 

Some of the customer favorites include the Iced Matcha Latte, Butter Beer, and Latte Flight, offering a chance to sample multiple flavors. They are also renowned for their exceptional Nitro Cold Brews, which are highly praised by patrons. If you’re looking for something different, their Snickerdoodle and Cinnabunn are worth a try too.

Menu Highlights

Aside from their famous coffee offerings, Column 15 Coffee also provides a delightful culinary experience. 

Customers have enjoyed items like cronuts, panini boards, and bagel boards which complement their drinks perfectly. Other delicious breakfast staples like scones, muffins, and breakfast sandwiches are also on their menu. Column 15’s unique take on coffee and food makes it a standout spot in Williamsburg.


Column 15 Coffee offers a warm and welcoming with its modern and trendy indoor/outdoor setup, making it a great place for relaxing and enjoying a good cup of coffee. The staff is known for being great, helpful, and informative, adding to the overall positive experience of the local coffee shop. It’s a shop where the ambiance and the excellent coffee quality are both given equal importance.


Situated in a convenient spot between Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens, with ample parking available too, Column 15 Coffee is easy to access and enjoy. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor in town, its location makes it a hassle free everyday stop for anyone looking to enjoy a great cup of coffee in Williamsburg VA. With outdoor seating available, it’s a fantastic place to enjoy delicious coffee while soaking up the local scenery.

5 – Tipsy Beans Cafe

Tipsy Beans Cafe in Williamsburg VA offers a delightful blend of traditional and unique coffee and food options, making it one of the best restaurants for excellent coffee for both locals and visitors.

Coffee & Drink Offerings

Tipsy Beans Cafe stands out for its variety of flavored coffee drinks and a full bar, catering to both coffee enthusiasts and those looking for something a little stronger. The cafe is particularly noted for its boozy coffee, which adds an exciting twist to the traditional coffee experience. Alongside this, they serve a great selection of hand-crafted cocktails and other beverages, ensuring a diverse menu that suits all tastes.

Menu Highlights

The cafe is renowned for its diverse and delicious menu, with some of the most popular favorites including brisket tacos, beans, pancakes, sandwiches, and dishes made with almond milk. 

The variety in their menu also caters to different dietary preferences, including vegetarian-friendly options. 

Their full menu is available all day, which is a bonus for those who aren’t strictly full breakfast people–although, their generously sized omelets, served with a side of home fries, have also received high praise from visitors.


The ambiance at Tipsy Beans Cafe provides a personable and inviting atmosphere, with friendly and attentive service adding to the overall experience. It’s a perfect spot for a casual meet up, a coffee break, or a great meal. While the indoor seating is somewhat limited, it adds to the cozy and charming feel of the cafe.


Located 1.6 miles from Colonial Williamsburg, Tipsy Beans is an easy stop for tourists exploring the area. Its central location in Williamsburg, combined with its diverse menu and unique offerings, makes it a popular destination for a wide range of patrons.

6 – Emily’s Donuts And Cafe

What’s a more classic coffee combination than coffee and donuts?

Emily’s Donuts and Cafe in Williamsburg VA is a paradise for donut lovers, as it’s known for its vast selection of creatively crafted donuts and classic coffees.

Coffee & Drink Offerings

While Emily’s Donuts and Cafe is predominantly known for its donuts, it also offers a solid selection of coffee drinks. Among the customer favorites are Vanilla Iced Coffee, Espresso, and other classic coffee options. They cater to various dietary preferences by providing oat milk and almond milk alternatives for their coffees. 

Menu Highlights

The donut selection at Emily’s Donuts and Cafe has range, including donuts, donut holes, filled donuts–all the donuts.

Customers rave about their Salted Caramel Donut, Blueberry Fritter, Chocolate Donut, Cinnamon Rolls, Apple Fritters, Yeast Donuts, Donut Holes, and Cronuts. 

The variety ensures that there’s a flavor for every palate, from the classic to the more adventurous choices like the Reverse Peanut Buttercup and Long John.


Emily’s Donuts provides a quaint and friendly atmosphere, being a family owned coffee shop. The cafe is small yet welcoming and the staff is noted for being friendly and helpful.


Also located between Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens, Emily’s Donuts and Cafe is conveniently situated for both locals and tourists just off Merrimac Trail. Its proximity to both Williamsburg attractions makes it an easy stop for visitors exploring the area.

Secret Garden Coffee Shop In Williamsburg VA

7 – Secret Garden

Secret Garden in Williamsburg VA is a serene and delightful cafe that offers a unique selection of drinks and a tranquil ambiance.

Coffee & Drink Offerings

Secret Garden is known for its diverse range of coffee and tea options, which include Rose Latte, Lavender Latte, Lychee Green Tea, and Wintermelon Tea. 

They are one of the few places in Williamsburg that offers sugar-free matcha, catering to health conscious drinkers. Likewise, they offer alternative milk options like oat. 

Alongside these specialty coffees and teas, they also serve a variety of milk teas, fruit teas, brewed teas, and milkshakes. 

Menu Highlights

While Secret Garden’s menu is predominantly beverage inclined, ice cream is a food option here to go along with your latte or milk tea.

Folks looking for an interesting tea and coffee experience will find Secret Garden to be the ideal destination. Sometimes, the best coffee shops are the ones solely drink oriented.


The cafe offers a spacious environment with the presence of outdoor seating that enhances the appeal, especially on pleasant days. 

The quiet atmosphere makes it conducive for working or simply relaxing with a drink. The friendly and efficient staff adds to the welcoming ambiance of the cafe.


Secret Garden is located in the throes of Colonial Williamsburg, a central location makes it an easy and accessible stop for anyone in the Williamsburg area. 

The cafe’s proximity to local attractions and its serene setting make it a popular choice for both visitors and residents.

8 – Capitol Pancake House

Capitol Pancake House in Williamsburg VA is a delightful spot for breakfast and brunch lovers, offering a variety of classic American breakfast dishes and beverages as well as hearty lunch menus.

Coffee & Drink Offerings

Capitol Pancake House, as a quintessential American breakfast and brunch spot, offers a range of standard coffee options to accompany their meals. These typically include regular brewed coffees and variations like espresso, decaf, or lattes–suitable for enjoying with their breakfast and lunch items.

Menu Highlights

The Pancake House is renowned for its range of breakfast foods. Customers particularly enjoy their French toast with powdered sugar, peanut butter, sausage gravy, pancakes, waffles, and of course, their coffee. In essence, the Americana breakfast experience.

Daily lunch specials also include country fried steak, fish tacos, Southern fried chicken, sandwiches and subs, and gourmet burgers.


The ambiance at Capitol Pancake House is casual, homey, and family friendly, with moderate noise levels that make for a lively atmosphere. 

Sweeping windows bring in a lot of sunlight into the dining space and offer a look at the Williamsburg scenery while you eat. Truly, the Pancake House is the quintessential Williamsburg dining experience. (You’ll see a ton of pancake houses around the ‘burg.)

Additionally, the establishment offers both dine in and catering options.


Adding to that quintessential Williamsburg dining experience reputation, Capitol Pancake House is conveniently located on the edge of Colonial Williamsburg. The central location, combined with its reputation for delicious breakfast and brunch options, makes it a well frequented spot in Williamsburg.

9 – Carrot Tree Kitchens

Carrot Tree Kitchens in Williamsburg VA is the pinnacle of local flavors.

It’s a charming cafe known for its delightful American cuisine and support of local roasters, tea companies, and farms.

Coffee & Drink Offerings

Carrot Tree Kitchen offers Fair Trade Coffee, a house blend brewed by the Williamsburg Coffee & Tea Company. The fresh brew of coffee is available as either regular or decaf. 

A selection of hot teas from Harney & Sons Silk Sachet Teas include Earl Grey, Hot Cinnamon Spice, English Breakfast, and Paris (amongst others).

The coffee and tea options well compliment their food offerings, which include comfort foods and baked goods.

Menu Highlights

Being an American cafe and bake shop, Carrot Tree serves up classic homemade breakfast options, lunch items, and a grand selection of cakes.

The breakfast compliment includes full breakfast platters, French toast, omelets, crepes, and pancakes like carrot cake or Southern pecan. The eggs used by Carrot Tree are from the cage free Fox Wire Farms in the nearby Toano.

Lunch extends to the Virginia classic ham biscuits, lunch crepes, colonial burgers, and old time Williamsburg themed sandwiches and wraps.

Cake options include carrot (their staple), red velvet, almond supreme, German chocolate, caramel coconut pecan, peanut butter fudge, and more. Coffee breads, lemon bars, Key lime pie, cookies, and cupcakes are also served up in their bakery.


The cafe offers a casual dining environment, suitable for groups and families. It has ample space inside with a homey feel and, naturally, a carrot theme.


Carrot Tree Kitchens is located 2.8 miles from Colonial Williamsburg, making it another accessible spot for tourists and locals alike. The cafe’s location, colonial American fare, and cozy atmosphere makes the Carrot Tree one of the most classic breakfast spots in the area.

spoke and art provisions coffee shop williamsburg, best coffee shop in williamsburg va
Spoke & Art Provisions Outdoor Seating Area

10 – Spoke & Art Provisions

Spoke & Art Provisions in Williamsburg VA is a hidden gem for those seeking a unique coffee shop experience, renowned for its delightful coffee options and a serene, family friendly atmosphere.

Coffee & Drink Offerings

While Spoke & Art Provisions may not first come to mind when thinking of coffee, it should. 

It’s praised for its exceptional Cortado, a staple by which many coffee aficionados judge a cafe. Their coffee bar features many fan favorite espressos and lattes, available hot or iced. 

Beers, seltzers, ciders, and teas are also available at Spoke & Art.

Menu Highlights

Beyond coffee, Spoke & Art Provisions delights with its culinary offerings. 

Their pastries and snacks, including pretzel bites and hummus platters, are local favorites. 

For those favoring savory options, their turkey sandwich and chicken salad wrap come highly recommended. 


Spoke & Art offers an unique experience with the outdoor scenery, bike rentals, and live music. 

The cafe’s atmosphere is stylish, relaxed and outdoorsy, being surrounded by trees and the Virginia Capital Trail. It’s perfect for family outings or a peaceful solo retreat. 

In addition to being family friendly, Spoke & Art is a pet friendly option too.


Perfectly situated along a bike trail in Williamsburg, this cafe is a wonderful stop for cyclists, hikers, and rogue visitors alike with its novelty location making it an ideal resting spot along the Capital Trail. This local cafe is a lovely destination for both locals and tourists looking for a memorable experience atypical of the other Williamsburg coffee shops.

11 – Kingship Brewing Co: Coffee & Kombucha

Kingship Brewing Co in Williamsburg VA is a small batch bourbon barrel aged coffee roastery and kombucha brewery, making it a haven for both coffee and kombucha lovers.

Coffee & Drink Offerings

Kingship’s unique practice of bourbon barrel aging coffee sets them apart from the other coffee shops in Williamsburg VA.

Among their offerings, the nitro cold brew and kombucha on tap stand out as customer favorites for their bold flavors and refreshing taste. The cafe also serves a range of classic coffee options including espresso, cappuccino, latte, Americano, and macchiato.

Menu Highlights

Kingship Brewing’s menu features seasonal drinks like the Bourbon Brown Sugar Latte, made with their signature Bourbon Barrel Beans and house made brown sugar molasses syrup. It’s reminiscent of an autumn night around a campfire. 

Other seasonal delights include the Fudge Mint Mocha, a tasty take on the classic Christmas cup, and the Salted Cinnamon Toffee Latte, a caramelized snickerdoodle in a cup. 

Additionally, their Cran Citrus Burst Kombucha is a burst of winter flavors, combining cranberry, mandarin, ginger, and passion fruit.

Year-round treats like the butter croissant, chocolate croissant, and apple turnover compliment Kingship’s beverage lineup.


Kingship Brewing Co offers an inviting and friendly atmosphere with modern, woodsy decor and furnishings. The staff’s friendliness and helpfulness further enhance the warm and welcoming vibe of the place. Not to mention, a piano centerpiece tops off the roastery decor.


Located just outside of Colonial Williamsburg, Kingship Brewing Co is a convenient stop for visitors especially, as the coffee shop is flanked by several top hotels in Williamsburg VA. It’s also just down the street from the Pirate’s Cove miniature golf course, making it a fun location for families seeking both fun and a caffeine fix.

12 – Manhattan Bagel

Manhattan Bagel in Williamsburg VA is known for its fresh, New York style bagels and a variety of coffee and drink options. 

Coffee & Drink Offerings

At Manhattan Bagel, coffee lovers can find a range of good coffee to complement their bagel experience. The menu includes Mountain Ridge Premium Coffee, known for its rich and robust flavor, in house blends, decaf, vanilla nut, dark roast, cold brew, and iced coffee.

They also have espressos, hot or iced, like caffe mocha, caramel macchiato, and a few latte variations. The caffe caramel and caffe mocha coffees are available as frozen too.

In addition to coffee, they offer a selection of other beverages like tea, hot chocolate, fountain drinks, orange juice, milk (including flavored options), Snapple, and bottled water. 

Menu Highlights

The star attraction at Manhattan Bagel is, unsurprisingly, their bagels. Baked fresh every day in the classic NY style, they offer an amazing selection of bagels–as in a lot of bagel types. Plain, multigrain, and everything, sure. But, garlic, pumpernickel, onion, French toast, jalapeno cheddar, egg, salt, and several others too. 

The bagels, along with their cream cheese variety and their bagel sandwiches, are highly praised by customers.


The ambiance at Manhattan Bagel is that of a typical bustling bagel shop. It has a contemporary coffee shop style with indoor seating. 

The shop is regarded for having a fast and friendly service, making it a great place to grab coffee and a bite in a quick pinch. 


Manhattan Bagel is located just down Route 60 from Colonial Williamsburg, offering a nice location for visitors in the area. Its popularity speaks to its reputation as a go to spot for a quality bagel and great coffee experience in Williamsburg VA.

another broken egg cafe williamsburg, williamsburg coffee shop
Another Broken Egg’s S’mores Espresso Cold Brew

13 – Another Broken Egg Cafe

Another Broken Egg Cafe in Williamsburg VA is a delightful brunch spot known for its wide variety of coffee and brunch options, from traditional dishes to creative twists on classics. 

Coffee & Drink Offerings

At Another Broken Egg, coffee enthusiasts can enjoy a range of choices including their Barista House Blend Coffee, Colombian Blend Coffee, and Decaf Coffee. For those who prefer a cooler beverage, the French Roast Cold Brew is a great option. Additionally, the cafe offers chocolate milk with fresh whipped cream for a sweet treat, as well as cranberry cocktail juice for a fruity alternative.

Menu Highlights

The brunch menu at Another Broken Egg Cafe features a mix of traditional and innovative dishes. 

Highlights include chicken & waffles with crispy fried chicken tenders on a Belgian waffle, drizzled with house-made chipotle honey, and the cinnamon roll French toast, which is a unique twist on a popular classic. 

Seafood lovers can enjoy the crab cake benedict or the shrimp ‘n grits, featuring Gulf shrimp and andouille sausage in a spicy low country reduction over creamy cheese grits. 

For those looking for healthier options, the Monterey power omelet made with egg whites, chicken, and fresh veggies is a nice choice. 


Another Broken Egg Cafe features a sleek and stylish industrial design that’ll make for a great backdrop for foodie (and coffee) photographers. It also offers a personable atmosphere, making it a great spot for a lovely brunch and coffee stop with friends, family, or solo.


Conveniently located just 1.4 miles from Colonial Williamsburg, Another Broken Egg is another easily accessible spot for locals and tourists. Its proximity to this historic area makes it an ideal spot for those looking to enjoy a hearty brunch before or after exploring the local sights.

14 – Virginia Gourmet

Virginia Gourmet in Williamsburg VA is the pinnacle destination culmination of Virginia’s finest local products, from artisan coffees to gourmet snacks.

Coffee & Drink Offerings

Virginia Gourmet features a wonderful selection of coffee and drinks. A gourmet coffee bar offers a variety of small batch artisanal and specialty coffees that rotate on a monthly basis. The emphasis on quality and local sourcing just about guarantees that visitors can expect a unique and satisfying coffee experience each time they visit.

Menu Highlights

As a market and cafe specializing in Virginia’s finest products, Virginia Gourmet has every hallmark food and snack variety you could want (and didn’t know you wanted) in Virginia. 

The focus is on all natural, locally sourced treats, which include artisan cheeses, specialty meats, baked breads, pickled fruits and vegetables, pretzels, jams, soups spices, condiments–the list goes on. It’s the quintessential Virginia foodie experience in one shop.


The ambiance at Virginia Gourmet is very warm, homey, and styled in classic Southern country decor. Think like a Cracker Barrel, but just more organized and less overwhelming. 

It’s quaint, rustic, and a charming spot to pop in and grab a cup of quality coffee. Likewise, VA Gourmet highlights the richness and diversity of local products in the Old Dominion. So, grab a good cup of Joe and support local businesses in one go!


Virginia Gourmet is located at the Williamsburg Premium Outlets, making it a nifty spot for folks to drop by. Its location within a popular shopping area adds to its appeal in not having to struggle to find a parking spot nearby.

The outlet setting also provides opportunity to get into some fun things to do in Williamsburg VA while you’re amped up on the caffeine.

15 – The Sipping Flea

The Sipping Flea in Williamsburg VA is a hometown coffee shop offering specialty coffees and mini donuts in a warm, puppy themed cafe. 

Coffee & Drink Offerings

The Sipping Flea is a great spot for a variety of delightful beverages, many with a pup-friendly theme.

Specialty coffees include Belly Rub, an espresso with vanilla bourbon, caramel, brown sugar, and steamed milk; Bulldog, an espresso with dark chocolate, toasted marshmallow, and steamed milk; and Puppy Kisses, an espresso with raspberry, dark chocolate, and steamed milk. 

The Sipping Fleas also has a variety of classic coffees and specialty teas. Lattes, macchiatos, and fresh brews are just a few of the former. As for the latter, the Briar Patch (caffeine free hibiscus, blueberry, blackberry, elderberry, currant, sage, and lemongrass) and the Front Porch (black tea, jasmine, spearmint, and bergamot) are a few highlights of their tea options.

Menu Highlights

Alongside its drink offerings, The Sipping Flea is popular for its delicious mini donuts and cookies. These sweet treats pair perfectly with their coffee and tea selections.

Their mini donut flavors vary season to season, batch to batch. But, amongst the previous flavors baked up by The Sipping Flea are: apple pie, maple cream, blueberry & cream cheese, cookies & cream, strawberry shortcake, key lime pie, lemon drop, s’mores, apple cider, pumpkin spice, and more.

The cafe also caters to canine customers with homemade dog treats to go.


The ambiance at The Sipping Flea is described as very warm and welcoming with its rustic eclectic furnishings and style. It features big sofas where customers can lounge and enjoy their coffee in a cozy and comfortable setting.

While The Sipping Flea is dog themed, offers gourmet dog treats, and welcomes service dogs, non-service dogs aren’t able to enter the building. However, dogs are welcome to enjoy the outdoor seating area.


Located across from Go Karts Plus, The Sipping Flea is situated in the Colonial Towne Plaza strip, with ample parking and other interesting shops nearby.

For those staying at the nearby Great Wolf Lodge, the cafe is a quick drive around the corner. Because why not pair rustic, wolf themed lodge with cozy, dog themed cafe? 

The cafe’s position in a community shopping area adds to its appeal as a casual and welcoming spot for a quick coffee or a sweet treat.

1607 coffee company, colonial williamsburg coffee shop
1607 Coffee Company In Williamsburg VA

16 – 1607 Coffee Company

1607 Coffee Company in Williamsburg VA is a gem for coffee lovers for its excellent coffee selection, delightful snacks, charming ambiance, and prime location.

Coffee & Drink Offerings

1607 Coffee Company prides itself on its extensive range of coffee options, from the robust espresso to the smooth and creamy latte. 

A few drink standouts include the Cookie Butter Latte (w/cookie butter syrup), Lucky Charms Latte (w/toasted marshmallow & spiced brown sugar), and Raspberry White Mocha (w/raspberry & Ghirardelli white chocolate)

They also offer unique brews like the Drip Coffee and Nitro Cold Brew.

1607 also features a selection of teas, like London Fog and Victoria Fog, as well as coffee smoothies, fruit smoothies, juices, milks, and seasonal beverages.

Menu Highlights

Beyond the coffee, 1607 Coffee Company serves up an array of delicious breakfast and lunch items. 

Their Briskets Tacos are a local favorite, with smoked brisket, eggs, cheese, and onions topped with smoked jalapeno sauce on corn tortillas. Meanwhile, The Godfather highlights their lunch menu, comprising of Italian meats, arugula, onions, cheese, tomato, and pesto aioli. 

For the sweet-toothed, fruit tarts, cinnamon rolls, Danishes, and cheesecakes are some of the freshly baked treats available at the colonial coffee shop.


Stepping into 1607 Coffee Company, chic and modern styling makes up the cafe decor, accented by greenery and string lights.

The cafe offers a cozy and inviting space for both quick coffee breaks and leisurely afternoons, with ample seating both indoors and outdoors. 


Nestled in the heart of Williamsburg just off of Humelsine Parkway, 1607 Coffee Company is just a stone’s throw from the historic district. 

Its central location makes it an ideal spot for a morning caffeine fix or an afternoon pick me up after exploring the nearby attractions. 

17 – The Mill

The Mill in Williamsburg VA is a darling coffee shop tucked in the colonial Kingsmill Resort right next to Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Coffee & Drink Offerings

The Mill, a quaint spot in Kingsmill, is renowned for its artisanal coffee. Their coffee selection features carefully crafted classics like americanos, lattes, and cappuccinos. 

They also offer an array of teas, including comforting options like English Breakfast and Earl Grey. 

Menu Highlights

Beyond their coffee and tea, The Mill’s menu boasts a collection of tasty treats. 

Pastries are a staple here, with options like croissants and muffins that are perfect for a quick breakfast or a sweet afternoon snack. 

For those seeking something more substantial, their sandwiches and wraps are made with high quality, flavorful ingredients. 


The Mill is features the same quaint style the Kingsmill Resort is known for. It’s small, cozy, and is just a stone’s throw from a pool, spa, and the resort’s pond if you’re looking for a change in scenery while you drink.


Located within the Kingsmill Resort, The Mill is a great option for tourists staying either at the resort or in one of the hotels nearby. It’s also situated as such that it makes for a great place to stop and grab a good cup of coffee before spending the day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, being just next door to the park.

18 – Five Forks Cafe

Five Forks Cafe in Williamsburg VA is celebrated for its classic American diner experience, complete with extensive meal options and a good cup of Joe.

Coffee & Drink Offerings

Five Forks Cafe, while primarily known for its hearty breakfast and lunch offerings, provides a selection of beverages to compliment their meals. Naturally, being a retro diner, coffee is a commodity served up freshly brewed. These are the old fashioned fare like hot coffees and espressos.

Additionally, they provide a variety of beverages including soft drinks, teas, and juices, perfect for pairing with any meal.

Menu Highlights

The Five Forks breakfast menu features a range of omelets, including the Big Chili Omelet and the Greek Omelet, each served with a side of hash browns and toast. 

Their lunch offerings are equally enticing, with sandwiches such as the Fried Feta Sub and the classic Club, as well as hearty salads like the Seared Chicken Over Greek Salad. 

The Pancakes & French Toast section is a treat, with novelty options like Banana Pecan Pancake and Blueberry Pancake. But for a full breakfast, their Big Breakfast combo is a popular choice, including two eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, toast, and a pancake.


Five Forks Cafe is known for its classic diner vibe, offering a cozy and somewhat nostalgic dining experience. The ambiance is described as casual and homey, making it a great spot for family breakfasts or a relaxed lunch. The cafe’s friendly service and humbled feel contribute to its charm, making it a beloved spot among locals and visitors alike.


Located between Colonial Williamsburg and the Jamestown Settlement, Five Forks Cafe is conveniently positioned for anyone in the Williamsburg area. It’s an ideal spot for those looking for a hearty meal in a comfortable setting, whether they’re starting off their day or taking a mid-day break.

culture cafe williamsburg va, coffee in williamsburg
Culture Cafe’s First Floor Dining Space

19 – Culture Cafe

Culture Cafe in Williamsburg VA stands out for its innovative menu, inviting ambiance, and commitment to quality and local sourcing, making it a must visit destination for both food and coffee enthusiasts. 

Coffee & Drink Offerings

Culture Cafe distinguishes itself with its emphasis on locally sourced, freshly brewed coffees, providing a true farm to table experience for coffee lovers. The cafe’s commitment to quality is evident in each cup.

And not only do they have excellent coffee, they also serve hand-crafted cocktails like the Cappuccino Martini, which consists of espresso, vodka, vanilla syrup, Kahlua, and heavy cream. 

In addition to their coffee selections, Culture Cafe also offers an array of day cocktails, wines, local beers, and ales, catering to a diverse range of preferences.

Menu Highlights

Culture Cafe’s menu is a delightful fusion of flavors and creativity. Some of the standout dishes include the unique Shakshuka Pizza, the Culture Burger with crispy bacon and Brie cheese, and the Moroccan Meatballs in Red Sauce. 

For those looking for a lighter option, their Mixed Greens Salad and the Hummus & Avocado Smash present nice and fresh choices. Additionally, the menu features vegetarian friendly options like the Cauliflower Burger.

Meanwhile, breakfast diners can indulge in the English Breakfast or the Eggs, Oysters, and a Waffle. 


The cafe is described as having an eclectic and trendy vibe, offering a cozy and warm environment. It spans two floors, all of which being decorated to the brim with various trinkets and decor. 

It’s a space fitting for groups, families, and individuals alike, making it ideal for brunch or just desserts. The decor and atmosphere contribute to an overall unique Williamsburg coffee shop experience.


Culture Cafe is located in the throes of Colonial Williamsburg, right by the College of William & Mary. The cafe’s central location makes it an easily accessible choice for anyone exploring Williamsburg or looking for a culinary escape in the city.

20 – Allure Creperie & Cafe

Allure Creperie & Cafe in Williamsburg VA offers a delightful experience for those who enjoy crepes, coffee, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Coffee & Drink Offerings

Allure serves all the quintessential coffees–americano, cappuccino, double-shot espresso, affogato, Frappuccino, and more.

Additionally, fruit fusions, hot chocolate, teas, milk, and sparkling water are also on the beverage menu.

Menu Highlights

Allure Creperie & Cafe specializes in both sweet and savory crepes, offering a variety of flavors to cater to different tastes. 

The Monte Cristo crepes, in particular, have been highly praised by patrons. Other crepes include French toast, s’mores, over easy, apple strudel, cordon bleu, and other specialties. 

Fresh ingredients and quality cooking are noted in customer reviews.


The ambiance of Allure Creperie & Cafe is characterized by its quaint, Parisienne style and outdoor setting. It’s ideal for a quick bite and coffee on the go, especially while shopping at the outlets.

Limited outdoor seating is available by the kiosk-esque coffee cafe.


Located off of Richmond Rd, Allure Creperie & Cafe is conveniently situated for visitors to the Williamsburg Premium Outlets. Its location makes it an easy stop for those looking for a gourmet crepe and quality coffee during their shopping experience.

the sipping flea, best coffee in williamsburg va
The Sipping Flea Coffee Shop In Williamsburg

Additional Notable Mentions

While they aren’t predominantly exclusive to the historic area, the honorable mentions still serve up some of the best coffee in Williamsburg VA.

Each of these chains brings a distinct coffee experience to the ‘burg while catering to a variety of preferences and needs.


Starbucks is a globally recognized coffee chain known for its wide variety of coffee drinks and a comfortable, modern ambiance. They are known for their consistent quality and the ability to customize drinks to one’s preference.

In Williamsburg, they offer their signature drinks like the Caramel Macchiato, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and various seasonal specials. 

There are several locations in the Williamsburg area, providing easy accessibility for both locals and tourists.

Panera Bread 

Panera Bread, while primarily known for its bakery items and healthy meal options, also offers a range of coffee and espresso beverages. 

Their coffee offerings include classics like cappuccinos, lattes, and americanos, often praised for their smooth and balanced flavors. 

Panera Bread in Williamsburg is a popular spot for those seeking a casual environment to enjoy a good cup of coffee along with fresh bakery items. They have multiple locations in the area.


Dunkin is famous for its combination of coffee and donuts, though if we’re being honest, the coffee is their true strong suit. 

In Williamsburg, Dunkin is a go-to for quick, affordable coffee options like their Original Blend Coffee and specialty drinks like iced coffees and frozen coffee. 

Known for its fast service and convenient locations, Dunkin has several Williamsburg locations, making it a popular choice for those on the go.

Duck Donuts

Duck Donuts, originating from North Carolina, is renowned for its made to order donuts. 

While it’s primarily a donut shop, Duck Donuts in Williamsburg also offers a variety of coffee drinks, including traditional coffee and espresso beverages. They are appreciated for providing a perfect pairing of fresh, warm donuts with satisfying coffee drinks. 

The number of Duck Donuts locations in Williamsburg is limited–having only one off of Monticello–but one’s just enough to be able to get a great sugar and caffeine fill.

kingship brewing coffee shop, best coffee shop in williamsburg va
Kingship Brewing Co: Coffee & Kombucha

Best Coffee In Williamsburg VA FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when talking about the best coffee shops in Williamsburg.

What coffee shops offer food options?

Most coffee shops in Williamsburg offer food options. 

Aromas Coffeehouse & Cafe, The Coffeehouse, Emily’s Donuts And Cafe, Secret Garden, Capitol Pancake House, Carrot Tree Kitchens, Five Forks Cafe, Culture Cafe, and Allure Creperie & Cafe are known for their extensive food menus ranging from light pastries to full meals.

What are some family-friendly coffee shops in Williamsburg VA?

Family-friendly coffee shops in Williamsburg include Aromas Coffeehouse & Cafe, Emily’s Donuts And Cafe, Capitol Pancake House, and The Sipping Flea. These cafes offer a welcoming atmosphere and menu items suitable for all ages.

What coffee shops are near Colonial Williamsburg?

Coffee shops near Colonial Williamsburg include Aromas Coffeehouse & Cafe, The Coffeehouse, and Illy Caffe. These are conveniently located for tourists exploring the historic area.

What coffee shops in Williamsburg offer unique theming?

Unique theming can be found at Culture Cafe, with its eclectic variety of decor, and Spoke & Art Provisions, offering lovely outdoor scenery and live entertainment. The Sipping Flea also has a novelty dog theme.

What is the best coffee in Williamsburg VA?

The best coffee in Williamsburg VA is subjective and depends on personal preferences. However, Column 15 Coffee and Aromas Coffeehouse & Cafe are often praised for their high-quality coffee and recommended most often by fellow locals.

Column 15 is one of my favorites for the wide range of specialty coffees and unique syrup flavors.

What coffee shops offer specialty coffees?

Specialty coffees are offered by Column 15 Coffee, which focuses on nitrogen-infused coffees, The Coffeehouse, known for its artisanal approach, and Illy Caffe, for their range of high quality Italian coffees.

Many coffee shops in Williamsburg offer their own selection of specialty coffees, but these three have some of the broadest options.

Can I find vegan or gluten-free options at these coffee shops?

Yes, many coffee shops in Williamsburg offer vegan or gluten-free options. Aromas Coffeehouse & Cafe and Culture Cafe, for instance, provide a variety of options catering to these dietary needs.

Is outdoor seating available at these coffee shops?

Outdoor seating is available at several coffee shops including Allure Creperie & Cafe, Aromas Coffeehouse & Cafe, The Coffeehouse, and Spoke & Art Provisions (amongst others).

How do the prices compare at local cafes versus chain coffee shops?

Generally, local cafes in Williamsburg may have slightly higher prices compared to chain coffee shops like Starbucks or Dunkin. However, they often offer unique, artisanal coffee experiences and a variety of homemade food items, providing value for the cost.

1607 Coffee Company and Illy Caffe have been noted in reviews for having a budget friendly cost.

three cups of coffee, best coffee in williamsburg va
Best Coffee In Williamsburg VA

Before You Go

As we wrap up our Williamsburg coffee shop journey, it’s clear that this historic town offers great coffee hotspots in addition to its colonial attractions, like the unique specialty brews of Column 15 Coffee and the delightful crepes & coffee combo at Allure Creperie & Cafe. 

But coffee isn’t the only hallmark of the Williamsburg culinary scene! I’ve created a guide covering the Best Restaurants In Williamsburg VA, which range from quaint taverns of yesteryear to novelty outdoor dining.

Not to mention, some of the Top Tours In Williamsburg VA will include meals and beverages (commonly coffees, teas, and water) as a part of the experience. So, be sure to check a few of those out too! Some are your traditional historic tours while others cover unique subjects like ghosts, witches, and pirates.

And, if your favorite brews are more boozy than caffeinated, you can find a guide on the Best Breweries In Williamsburg too.

I’ll digress.

All the same, the next time you find yourself in Williamsburg, be that you’re a local or a visitor, give one of these coffee shops a try. You’ll likely find your new favorite brew!


What do you think the best coffee in Williamsburg VA is?

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