12 Best Brunch Virginia Beach VA & Top Places For Breakfast

hair of the dog eatery, best brunch virginia beach
Virginia Beach Brunch at Hair of the Dog Eatery

Heading back to my hometown, Virginia Beach has some of the best breakfast and brunch options in the Hampton Roads.

Located along the Atlantic coast, the city is a coastal gem that boasts both a rich history and culinary scene. 

From bustling Boardwalk beginnings to a thriving resort city, Virginia Beach has always embraced the good life, and brunch is no exception.

Whether you crave lobster benedicts, pancakes, or waffles, this seaside hotspot has great breakfast options around town.

So, let’s take a look at the best brunch Virginia Beach has to offer, including The Beach House, Waterman’s, Tupelo Honey, Commune, Pocahontas Pancake House, and more.

This is your roadmap for the best breakfast eats in the Beach!

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The Best Brunch Virginia Beach Has To Offer

Here are the best brunch places Virginia Beach has, from the Oceanfront to Town Center.

The Best Brunch at Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Virginia Beach’s oceanfront isn’t just for sunbathers and surfers. Some of the best brunch spots are on the beach. 

Looking past the tourist traps, these oceanfront gems offer everything from lobster benedicts to seafood scrambles, pancake stacks taller than the lighthouses to healthy avocado toast.

virginia beach oceanfront restaurants, commune in virginia beach
Commune in Virginia Beach

1 – Commune

Forget cookie-cutter cafes. Commune is a breath of fresh air, blending rustic charm with modern touches and a commitment to the freshest ingredients. 

Think exposed brick, hanging greenery, and a cozy backyard patio, all serenaded by the hum of conversation and the clinking of silverware.

Commune’s menu is a masterpiece of seasonal flavors, constantly evolving with nature’s bounty. 

Indulge in the savory Duck Hash Benedict, a dish of crispy duck, poached egg, and hollandaise on a potato pancake. 

Or, go lighter with the vibrant Avocado Toast, a canvas of creamy avocado, tangy feta, and fresh herbs on sourdough. 

Don’t miss the daily specials, often featuring local seafood or unique twists on breakfast foods.

Insider Tips:

  • Reservations: Reservations are your best bet, especially on sunny Sundays.
  • Parking: Street parking can be tricky; consider the public lot across the street.
  • Best times: Midweek mornings offer a more relaxed vibe and shorter waits.
  • Hidden gem: Ask about their backyard garden tours and fresh herb purchase options!

The prices are mostly moderate ($15-$25), offering a good balance between quality and wallet-friendliness.

2 – Waterman’s Surfside Grille

Virginia Beach’s boardwalk is brimming with life, including Waterman’s Surfside Grille, with its sun-drenched charm and nautical flair. 

Rustic meets nautical reigns here, framed by the ever-changing Atlantic vistas. 

Sure, the Crab Stuffed Flounder is legendary, but Waterman’s offers an array of delicious breakfasts. 

Check out the legendary Blackened Rockfish Tacos or the Crab Cake Salad with mango salsa.

Insider Tips:

  • Wait times: Expect a buzz on weekends, especially during peak season. Call ahead or grab a drink at the lively bar while waiting.
  • Parking: On-site valet parking is available, but consider the public lot across the street for a slightly cheaper option.
  • Best times: Early birds (before 11 am) dodge the crowds and enjoy the sunrise glow over the ocean.
  • Hidden menu: Don’t miss the “Orange Crush,” Waterman’s legendary house-made mimosa with a refreshing citrus kick.

Prices are moderate ($12-$25) with affordable sandwich and salad options. 

Waterman’s Surfside Grille is a must-try for any Virginia Beach foodie. 

The vibrant atmosphere, friendly service, and delicious seafood, all wrapped in oceanfront charm, make it a brunch your taste buds won’t forget.

doc taylors restaurant virginia beach, brunch in virginia beach
Doc Taylor’s Restaurant in Virginia Beach

3 – Doc Taylor’s Restaurant

Step back in time at Doc Taylor’s, a charming cottage brimming with Southern hospitality, vintage photos, and nautical touches. 

Yes, the Shrimp & Grits are legendary, but Doc Taylor’s menu whispers tales of the South beyond grits and gravy. 

The Crab Cake Benedict is a crispy surprise with hollandaise and Old Bay remoulade, or indulge in the hearty Country Ham Steak, smothered in creamy gravy. 

And don’t miss the “Scotty’s Biscuit & Gravy,” a buttery, fluffy masterpiece that’ll melt your heart (and your worries) away.

Insider Tips:

  • Best times: Doc Taylor’s charm attracts crowds, so aim for weekdays or early mornings to avoid lines.
  • Parking: Street parking can be tight, consider nearby public lots or walking from the town center.
  • Deals & discounts: Tuesdays offer senior discounts and a laid-back atmosphere.
  • Hidden menu: Ask about their homemade jams and pickles to take a taste of Doc Taylor’s home with you.

Fortunately, the prices are budget-friendly ($7-$15), making it a feel-good feast without breaking the bank.

Doc Taylor’s is a community gem, with its warmly welcoming atmosphere, great service, and hearty Southern fare. 

It’s a good choice when seeking a lovely brunch place in Virginia Beach. 

4 – Java Surf Cafe & Espresso Bar

Craving a laid-back brunch with a healthy twist? 

Head to the Java Surf Cafe & Espresso Bar, where organic ingredients meet ocean breezes and chill surfer vibes. 

Java Surf champions organic food. 

You can start your day with the Sunrise Scramble, bursting with fresh greens, avocado, and hemp seeds. Or, you can try the Lox Bagel Melt, smoked salmon, cream cheese, and Sriracha-laced “Lighthouse” sauce on toasted everything.

Insider Tips:

  • Best times: Avoid weekend crowds by aiming for a weekday morning surf.
  • Parking: Street parking can be tricky, consider walking, biking, or the trolley.
  • Hidden menu: Ask about the “Secret Board” specials, often featuring seasonal treats.
  • Surf Shop: Snag a post-brunch souvenir next door at their sister surf shop!

The price point here suits every budget ($5-$12), making it a guilt-free indulgence. 

Java Surf Cafe & Espresso Bar is a beachside hotspot. Its organic fare, laid-back vibes, and friendly service make it the perfect fuel for your Virginia Beach adventure. 

tupelo honey virginia beach, virginia beach brunch spots
Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar

The Best Brunch at Virginia Beach Town Center

Virginia Beach Town Center isn’t just for shopping sprees and movie nights. 

Tucked away amidst its cobblestone streets and chic facades lies a secret world for brunch lovers, filled with modern twists on Southern classics.

5 – Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar

This lively joint injects Southern charm with modern flair, creating a buzz both on the plate and in the air. 

Exposed brick walls and vintage touches set the scene, while friendly staff with genuine Southern hospitality make you feel right at home.

Sure, their Chicken and Waffles are legendary, but Tupelo Honey’s brunch options offer more than just drumsticks and syrup. 

Dive into the Shrimp & Grits with creamy cheddar grits and fiery tasso gravy, or go light with the Pimento Cheese Toast, a tangy, savory masterpiece on toasted brioche. 

Don’t miss the “Hot Brown,” a gooey, cheesy breakfast casserole that’ll leave you wanting more.

Insider Tips:

  • Reservations: Tupelo Honey’s buzz extends to wait times, so book ahead!
  • Parking: Nearby street parking can be tight; consider the public garage across the street.
  • Best times: Beat the weekend crowds and enjoy a laid-back vibe on weekdays.
  • Hidden gem: Ask about their seasonal cocktails, like the refreshing Watermelon Mint Julep.

The prices are moderate ($12-$25), offering plenty of shareable plates and budget-friendly options. 

A lively atmosphere, attentive service, and creative twists on classic dishes, all served with a heaping helping of Southern hospitality, make it a great spot for delicious food and excellent customer service. 

6 – Hair of the Dog Eatery

Nestled in Virginia Beach, the Hair of the Dog Eatery offers a unique brunch menu that perfectly complements the coastal charm of the area. 

The restaurant’s eclectic twist on seasonal Southern home cooking with a focus on local ingredients makes for a delicious breakfast.

The great atmosphere at Hair of the Dog Eatery is a blend of comfort and character, providing a charming setting for a memorable brunch. 

Signature dishes include the Southern-inspired Chicken and Waffles, a delightful combination of crispy chicken and fluffy waffles drizzled with maple syrup. 

For those seeking a savory option, the Shrimp and Grits delivers a satisfying blend of flavors that pays homage to regional culinary traditions.

Insider Tips:

  • Reservations: Recommended, especially for weekend visits to ensure a seamless dining experience.
  • Parking: Convenient options available outside of the restaurant.
  • Best times: Consider visiting during weekday mornings to savor a tranquil brunch or opt for a sunset brunch to soak in the golden hour hues.
  • Hidden menu: Inquire about any daily specials for a chance to savor unique, off-menu creations.

With a price range that typically falls within the upper-moderate range, $15 to $30, the fresh ingredients and warm hospitality make it a great option for a quintessential Virginia Beach brunch.

citrus breakfast and lunch, brunch places virginia beach
French Toast at Citrus Breakfast and Lunch in Virginia Beach

Top Places for Breakfast at Virginia Beach

Ditch the hotel buffet! Instead, explore cozy cafes, oceanfront havens, and family-friendly spots that perfectly capture the spirit of Virginia Beach breakfast.

7 – Citrus Breakfast and Lunch

Craving classic American brunch done right? 

Citrus Breakfast & Lunch is your sunny-side-up solution. 

No fancy frills – this local favorite shines with friendly vibes, generous portions, and dishes that warm your soul like a salty morning breeze.

Pancakes taller than the lighthouse? Citrus has ’em. 

Made-to-order omelets overflowing with goodness? Check. 

And the signature Cape Henry, two farm-fresh eggs with your choice of protein and sides, is a local legend for a reason. 

Dive into the “Big Citrus,” a chorizo scramble brimming with peppers, onions, and cheese. Or lighten up with the “Fruit & Honey Yogurt,” a bowl of sunshine with fresh berries and granola. 

Feeling healthy? The “Fit Five” combines egg whites, spinach, tomato, and chicken breast for a guilt-free delight.

Insider Tips:

  • Best times: Beat the weekend bustle and enjoy quicker service on weekdays.
  • Parking: Street parking can be tricky, consider nearby public lots or the trolley.
  • Hidden menu: Ask about daily specials, often featuring seasonal twists on classic dishes.
  • Hidden gem: Save room for their house-made cinnamon rolls – they’re worth the extra bite!

Citrus Breakfast & Lunch is a Virginia Beach staple for a good reason.

Friendly service, hearty portions, and classic dishes done to perfection, all served with a side of coastal sunshine, make it a go-to spot for a great Sunday brunch on your next visit to the coastal city.

8 – Sunnyside Cafe & Restaurant

Sunnyside Cafe & Restaurant isn’t just a name, it’s a vibe. 

This bright and bustling spot heaps generous portions of classic American breakfast and light lunch options. 

Think checkered tablecloths, friendly chatter, and the aroma of bacon sizzling in the air.

While their fluffy pancakes with a mountain of whipped cream are a local legend, Sunnyside’s menu offers more than just syrup-soaked sweetness.

Try the hearty “Steak & Eggs,” featuring juicy ribeye and perfectly runny eggs. Or lighten up with the “California Benedict,” a vibrant avocado and tomato twist on the classic. 

If at all possible, don’t miss the “Sunnyside Scramble,” a symphony of fluffy eggs, creamy cheese, and your choice of bacon, sausage, or ham.

Insider Tips:

  • Best times: Arrive early, as weekends can get busy, especially for breakfast.
  • Parking: Nearby street parking can be tight, consider nearby public lots or the trolley.
  • Wait times: Beat the crowd and enjoy shorter wait times and a relaxed atmosphere on weekdays.
  • Specials: Sunnyside often features fresh seafood specials and daily quiche surprises.

Sunnyside Cafe & Restaurant is a budget-friendly neighborhood joint brimming with warmth and familiar flavors. 

Generously large portions, classic dishes done right, and a sunshine-filled atmosphere make it a Virginia Beach go-to for a satisfying and affordable brunch.

pocahontas pancake and waffle house virginia beach brunch
Pancakes at Pocahontas Pancake & Waffle House

9 – Pocahontas Pancake & Waffle House

This beloved oceanfront gem boasts a teepee and murals depicting the story of Pocahontas, creating a whimsical atmosphere for families and pancake lovers alike. 

Friendly staff ensure a warm welcome, while the aroma of maple syrup and sizzling bacon fills the air. 

Of course, the Pocahontas Pancake is the star of the show, a towering stack crowned with whipped cream and berries. 

But Pocahontas’ culinary canvas extends far beyond the edges of a pancake. 

The Crab Cake Benedict, a savory twist with Old Bay hollandaise, is a must-have. And definitely try the Chicken & Waffles, a classic done right with crispy fried chicken and fluffy waffles. 

Lighter options like the Greek Yogurt Parfait or the Fruit & Granola Bowl offer a refreshing alternative.

Insider Tips:

  • Family-friendly: Pocahontas is a haven for families, with ample space for strollers and kid-friendly menu options.
  • Best times: Arrive early on weekends, especially during peak season, to avoid a wait.
  • Parking: Street parking can be limited, consider nearby public lots or the trolley.
  • Hidden menu: Ask about the daily specials, often featuring seasonal ingredients or creative twists on classic dishes.
  • Hidden gem: Snag a table under the charming teepee for a unique dining experience.

Pocahontas Pancake & Waffle House is a great place to enjoy popular dishes in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Hidden Gems & Local Favorites

Each of these local restaurants offers a unique atmosphere, flavor profile, and experience. So trade the familiar for the unknown for your Virginia Beach brunch experience!

10 – The Bee & The Biscuit

A cozy cottage bathed in honey-hued light, where melt-in-your-mouth blueberry ricotta pancakes and heavenly biscuits steal the show. Rustic charm meets culinary creativity, all served with a side of genuine warmth.

11 – Catch 31 Fish House & Bar

Waterfront views and sunny decks set the stage for creative brunch delights. Enjoy their crab cake Benedicts or shrimp and grits casserole, each bite straight from the Chesapeake Bay. Fresh, flavorful, and complete with a view that’ll take your heart.

12 – Beach Plum Market & Restaurant

A charming market and cafe where the line between shopping and savoring blurs. Fresh pastries beckon from shelves, while breakfast sandwiches on house-made bread tantalize your taste buds. 

best brunch virginia beach
Virginia Beach Seagull Footprints

Virginia Beach Brunch Tips

To truly conquer the Virginia Beach brunch scene, heed these insider tips:

  • Time it Right: Oceanfront restaurants can get crowded, especially on weekends. So, aim for weekdays or early mornings for shorter lines and the golden hour glow. Town Center buzzes later, so enjoy a leisurely weekend brunch amidst the chic streets.
  • Think Like a Local: Check out the hidden menu and daily specials at the restaurants. These Virginia Beach brunch spots often showcase seasonal treats and unique twists on classics.
  • Embrace the Trolley: Skip the parking hunt and hop on the scenic trolley, especially for oceanfront hotspots. Your taste buds will thank you, and the views are an added bonus.
  • Share the Brunch Love: Many places offer generous portions. Consider splitting dishes with friends, especially if you want to try multiple tempting options.
  • Reserve When Needed: Popular haunts like Tupelo Honey and Commune might have a wait, especially on weekends. Book ahead to avoid disappointment and score that perfect brunch table.

​Wrap Up

If you’re interested in learning more about Virginia Beach’s culinary scene, you can check out the guide I created for the best restaurants in Virginia Beach.

Remember, the best brunch moments are often found off the beaten path.

So explore the hidden gems, well-known favorites, and discover why Virginia Beach is the perfect place for brunch.

Bon appetite!

What’s your favorite brunch in Virginia Beach?

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